Summer Sales 2022

SUMMER 2022 

Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried Flowers: daffodils, narcissus, helebores.JPG
hydrangeas preserved in glass.JPG
Dried Flowers Under Glass

Flowers in this collection are from my gardens. Most have been dried in silica gel although some are air-dried.  You can see daffodils, hydrangeas, hellebores, lavender, peonies and strawflowers in these arrangements.  The flowers are very delicate, so I've put most of them under glass.  You'll find these flowers will last for years.  They keep their color best if kept out of direct sunlight.


Dried Flowers in Glass Containers.JPG
helebores, peony,saved.JPG

Flowers Made from Corn

large dyed cornhusk flowers.JPG
fourth of july centerpiece.JPG
cornhusk pansies.JPG
Mixed Media Arrangements

Flowers in this collection are made from parts of the corn plant.  Most are from the husks.  I collect, clean, dry, dye and iron the husks.  Then I shape them into flower petals.  

I sometimes use the end of the corn cob to make flowers.  The red and dark blue flowers below are examples.  The cob has been dried, pried apart and painted to make these flower petals.

cornhusk and corncob flowers.JPG
Mixed Media Arrangements

Flowers Made from Burlap, Paper, Nuts and Fabric

tiny burlap flower treasures.JPG

This fun collection features flowers made of unusual materials:  burlap, paper, nuts and fabric.  Burlap fibers are partially pull and the remaining fabric is glued and rolled to make the flowers at left.  The flowers in the basket at right are also made of burlap.  Here the fibers are pulled out completely and then woven on a frame made of pins.  One more example of burlap flowers is found below tight in the clay pot where flower shapes have been cut from burlap.

burlap basket.JPG
Burlap Pot.JPG

Maybe the most unusual flowers are those made from pistachio nut shells.  Find them to the right in the vase and in the flower "frog". The shells have been painted and glued into the flower shapes.


Fabric flowers are on the left.  Those in the "frog" resemble ranunculus flowers and are made of satin.  Each layer of satin has been curled next to a burning flame and then the layers are assembled into a flower.

Paper and Paper Mache flowers are pictured on the right.  

July 4th stuffed wreath.JPG

July 4th Wreaths

These 4th of July wreaths are made of material.  The one on the right is a collection of over 300 strips of material tied onto a wreath frame.  It's called a "rag wreath" and is often made of leftover rags.

The wreath on the left is also made of material but this time the material has been sewn by machine into rectangles that are stuffed with batting.  Then each strip is tied together in the middle to make a bow shape.  The bows are attached to a straw wreath made over a grapevine wreath.   

July 4th rag wreath.JPG
Fall Wreath.JPG

Fall Wreaths

My wreaths are handmade with much attention to detail.  The two on the left are made on a grapevine base with natural materials grown in my gardens.

Those on the right are made on a wreath frame with paper, painted seed heads and decorative balls.

Thanksgiving Wreath.JPG
Orange and Brown Thanksgiving Wreath.JPG