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I'm best-known for my 3-dimensional creations made from natural materials: a corn husk becomes a flower; walnut twigs become wall art; skeletonized leaves turn into framed centerpieces.  My art brings nature indoors where it can be enjoyed anytime.

Art has always been a part of my life.  As a child I took piano and ballet lessons and dreamed of one day becoming a ballerina.  College started with a major in ballet, then modern dance and finally elementary education!  An art class or two found its way into my schedule and proved to be enjoyable but forgettable.  After graduation life became busy:  marriage, jobs, children, grandchildren and “art” meant a project with the kids, a homemade birthday cake or a costume for Halloween. 

Seventy years of living and many life lessons later I've found that retirement has given me the gift of time: time to find my passion in art.  That creativity fostered years ago in dance classes, the skills learned in those college art lessons, the necessity to come up with a “Karen’s Concoction” when I didn’t have the ingredients needed for supper turned out be the art training I didn’t think I'd had. 

On my three acre homestead I've  fallen in love with nature and have found sorrow in its fleeting beauty.  Art has become a means of preserving that beauty  Often people ask me, “How did you come up with that?” and I answer that I make things that emphasize the  shape and properties of natural materials.   I enjoy taking usual materials and making them into unusual creations.  I collect corn husks and pine cones, scoop up walnut twigs and cut down grasses.  I break fungus from logs and clean out insect tracks in wood.  What’s left becomes my art. 


Come follow me into my backyard on these pages and see what I see. 


Inspiration comes in many forms:  a person; a painting; a song.  I'm inspired by nature.  I've chosen three-dimensional art and photography as my favorite methods of preserving nature’s beauty.  My hope is that my art will foster a love of nature in others.


My art is meant to be a center of attention in your home: a piece to be added to a collection of things you love.  I hope my art fosters an appreciation of the beauty of nature and a desire to act in a way that helps preserve that beauty for our future.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at: or text me at 765-722-0336

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